About Emotivities

What are Emotivities?

Emotivities are self-growth packets, containing a workbook and guided meditation, specifically designed to help you reach your goals by working through your conscious and unconscious minds.

Power of the Mind

Our conscious mind is logical, rational, word-based, critical at times, judgmental, analytic and fact-based.  It knows what is good and bad for you. Our conscious mind knows what it “should” do.  But as you may have noticed, you don’t or can’t always follow the direction of your conscious mind.  You may want to lose weight and know all of the reasons why should, but somehow you just can’t do it.  You start your diet each Monday morning and by Monday evening, your resolve has weakened.  Or you lose weight, only to regain it.  This common experience shows us that to make lasting, real change, we need to engage more than our conscious mind.  Try as we might, sometimes our conscious mind alone can’t get us where we want to go.

You are what you think you are

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The unconscious mind processes our experiences in images, feelings, and sensations.  It is accepting and in fact, it quite literally believes what it is told.  If you tell yourself that you are a loser, your conscious mind can debate and analyze this point, while your unconscious mind will believe it, feels it, and acts as if it so.  Now, if the message that you are a loser was asserted when you were a child, chances are this message has already seeped into your unconscious mind.  It has become a part of your truth – part of your narrative.  Each Emotivities packet works to change destructive or old narratives that you are now ready to shed.

Guided Meditations

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Guided meditations work by deeply calming the body and mind so that you can speak directly to your conscious mind.  By calming your body and mind you can let go of all the rubble and old messages that so frequently chatter in your head.  This will allow you to visualize, feel and experience the affirmations that you would like to guide your life.

Many of the old, unconscious messages that guide your life now are messages that you may have learned in childhood, by watching our parents and the other adults and by incorporating their thoughts, beliefs, and values.  If your parents yelled and screamed when angry, this is what you may have learned to do.  If your parents smoked cigarettes, you learned that cigarettes are good and you learned that cigarettes feel natural.  Just like our unconscious mind, that child part of us tends to swallow things whole and believe what it sees.  All of these old messages sink deeply into our unconscious mind.

Emotivities’ guided meditations help change these old images by replacing them with positive, growth-oriented images.  Each Emotivities packet also includes behavioral exercises to help you implement your goals.

Whether your goal is stress reduction, improved self-esteem, letting go of addictions, improved interviewing skills, or test taking ability each Emotivities packet is specifically designed to help you accomplish your goal.

Each packet includes a workbook and a guided meditation recording to help you calm and relax your body and mind and to replace old messages with your current goals, dreams, and visions.  Because as Napoleon Hills, author of “Think and Grow Rich” said:

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”